Professional and Personal Pleasure

Who would not like sitting in the nature just to smell the flowers, observe butterflies or birds? We are all familiar with a clichee accusing TVs overtaking our life? All in all, they all prove the fact that we are commanded by our visual pleasures. This sense does not only help us distinguish our potential partner both in professional and personal level, but also helps us analyse the questions.

Could a chemist find a pill without making sufficient observations about its side-effects or figure out the best temperature to synthesise the highest yield of a product? Could we know the difference between hot, very hot, untouchable or curing temperature without looking at the gauge? Could we learn another language without observing the mathematical, hence grammatical structure of words and verbs?

No matter if we would, it is easier to observe with our eyes and these are what we are intensively using. For this reason, we thought you may like to keep some pictures on the left-hand side for few months, maybe even years. Naturally, change your taste, give us the one(s) you don't feel like keeping anymore and take a new batch of pictures instead.

Does this offer appeal? Then, feel free to request them!

Living Abroad

Living abroad is actually nothing more than getting acclimatised to a new groups of people. It takes time, but once you acquire it you are one size bigger in your thinking level. It also helps you see your previous country or stay see from another perspective. Tough it can seem, it is very rewarding!

We will feed this topic gradually, so that those who decide to go to South Africa, the Netherlands, Turkey or Germany will get the best of their stay in these beautiful countries.

Cultural barriers

We may mean the same, yet we may deal differently. Culture is something untouchable, and to obtain it, one must start laughing without knowing what it is about. Maybe along a way you will figure out if it is worth understanding.

We can bear one principle above everything though! Nobody will do any harm to another person, knowing that her/his own life can be affected.

Here, some few tips who want to get involved in a multicultural partnership.